Mardi 19 juin 2018

New FIGIEFA Board commits to continue ensuring fair competition in a changing automotive landscape

24th of May, members renewed its board for the upcoming three years.

Hartmut Roehl (GVA, Germany) was reelected as President, while Christer Liljenberg (SBF, Sweden) was reconfirmed as Vice-President and Wendy Williamson (IAAF, United Kingdom) as Treasurer. The Board also gave a renewed mandate to Cor Baltus (RAI, The Netherlands) and Joaquim Candeias (ACAP, Portugal). Mathieu Séguran (FEDA, France) and Serdar Aslan (OSS, Turkey) stepped in as replacement of their predecessors from the same national associations, and Walter Birner (VFT, Austria) joined as a new Board member.

The Board stated: “The upcoming years will be rather exciting. The automotive business, including the trade of parts and associated services, will face many great challenges, especially with rising digitalization and connectivity and the outbreak of new mobility forms. We are very pleased to get a strong mandate to represent the interests of our companies and customers at European level. Technological development, as well as the attitude of vehicle manufacturers trying to use it to secure a monopolistic position on repair and services, make it necessary to perform a pro-active advocating in order to keep a legislative and regulatory framework maintaining fair competition and free choice for consumers. Together, we will pursue the efficient work that has been accomplished in the last years”.

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